It’s Worth Buying the Takamine EG340C Acoustic-Electric Guitar Left Hand

Takamine has been a notable manufacturer for many years. They are also known for exceptional dollar value with features and construction seen in acoustic left hand guitars of a higher price range. On that note, the electric lefty guitar is no different.As an acoustic guitar this Takamine masterpiece takes your performance to a new level. As an electric guitar left hand players are in for a treat. Either way, this guitar has been a favorite among guitarists for several reasons, outlined below.In the realm of acoustic left hand guitars, construction materials are a major consideration. The EG340C is no exception with its mahogany back and sides. Mahogany is typically reserved for higher end instruments and has an excellent tone retention quality. Add the solid spruce top and the transference of sound is no less than spectacular.All that beautiful material is designed into a single cut away dreadnought shape that has been favored since its debut in the 1920′s. The dreadnought has a deeper resonance well that produces a greater amount of acoustic volume. For accompaniment purposes, this acoustic LH guitar is superb for open mike night type performances as well as other gigs.The neck is also mahogany with a rosewood fret board fitted with 20 standard Takamine medium frets. This provides a quick action much like that found in electric L guitars and a smooth silky feel that is easy on the fingers.Not only does the EG340C excel acoustically, but it has the patented TP4T electronics on board that lets you amplify the sound while retaining the acoustic tonality. The electronic module has controls for bass, mid-range and treble as well as a gain potentiometer and an on board tuner facility. Talk about a full feature amplification process! All those controls give the player a range of tone control that is absolutely unbelievable.With a couple of your favorite effects daisy chained to the amplifier, you can use this “beauty” continually without the need to switch guitars or use an acoustic stand that gets in the way. Just switch to electric mode and you can use distortion, wah pedals or any electronic effect very nicely indeed.All in all, this acoustic/electric L guitar is one that needs to be looked at seriously. In the left hand guitar world, it is sometimes hard to find a great acoustic left hand or electric left guitar at affordable prices. This nice beauty fills that bill nicely and can be found at music stores and sites.But what you really need to do is find a site that specializes in acoustic left hand guitars and electric guitar left hand orientation. That site is A specialty site focused on LH instruments, they have southpaw musicians at heart and are dedicated to the procreation of quality lefty stringed instruments like the EG340C.

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